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Beauty center Anais
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Anais Beauty Farm

It’s no coincidence that our Beauty Centre is called Anais: the name of a rose, a flower synonymous for natural beauty and harmony. In the Anais Beauty Farm you’ll find the best in body and beauty care and the most efficient ways to relax your mind: exclusive and personalised treatments for women and men and real guided paths to achieve overall harmony and wellness. Truly effective methods and top-of-the-line products will produce guaranteed visible results already from the very first sessions.

"Thanks to our staff’s qualified skills, you’ll soon rediscover complete mental and physical well-being."

Beauty treatments
Personalised and holistic treatments for effective, long-lasting results

Here, beauty treatments don't just focus on the exterior – they are the end result of a delicate synergetic process. A special dialogue will be established between your body and the hands of the person caring for you based on sensitivity and attention to your specific needs. An interaction that will enhance and optimise the effectiveness of each single treatment – and always with absolute respect for the person understood as a single combination of body, mind and spirit.

“The body is the translator of the soul into the visible.”
Christian Morgenstern

Our wide assortment of special proposals will satisfy even the most demanding guest. We offer specific beauty treatments, relaxing baths and packs, Ayurveda, as well as massages to get back into shape and attain absolute wellness.

Beauty & Wellness
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We propose a wide choice of treatments that range from baths, packs and massages to beauty care, Thalasso and Ayurveda. No matter what solution you choose, our approach is always inspired by a holistic concept that enhances and optimises the effectiveness of each treatment, while always focusing on the whole person.

Massages, Beauty & Wellness
A wide range of massages designed exclusively to regenerate body, mind and spirit. Massages relieve muscle tension, increase blood flow and induce a total state of relaxation, while restoring general wellbeing.
Ayurveda, meaning “knowledge of life“, is a traditional, more than 5,000-year-old Indian system of medicine, that advocates a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.
Experience all the pleasure of a real wellness bath, immersing yourself in a special tub with massageing jets where you will fully enjoy all the benefits of the active principles of premium natural products.
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