Hotel Gardena
Hotel Gardena

Water and fire – relaxation and vitality

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A world of WELLNESS

The regenerative power of both water and fire favours inner harmony and total relaxation for the mind, body and spirit. Fully enjoy the water’s beneficial embrace to fill up on energy and vitality. Let the water's warm embrace surround you: you'll feel light and nearly weightless, forgetting the passing of time as your relaxing thoughts cuddle you and help you to unwind.

In this spacious and refined ambience in modern Alpine style, every moment becomes a sensory experience to fully enjoy and appreciate: saunas, steam baths, ladies-only spa, relaxation areas, cold water pool, outdoor whirlpool, indoor pool, and a panoramic view of the picturesque village of Ortisei.

For you only the best!

It is known that physical wellbeing goes hand in hand with a healthy spirit: mens sana in corpore sano. The Gardena offers endless possibilities for staying in shape, taking part in sport outdoors as well as indoors thanks to the new fitness centre. But one can also just merely relax.

Doing good for the body
Our fully-equipped fitness room and our qualified instructor will help you get back into shape and have fun at the same time.
Walking in the fresh mountain air is a source of well-being. It is good for the body and soul and is essential for mental and physical health.
The spacious spa offers many opportunities for relaxing, resting and getting your energy back, finding inner harmony in the most enjoyable way.
Our splendid spa with its wellness area is a true oasis of serenity where you can relax in an extraordinarily pleasant atmosphere.

Our guests will discover an entire world dedicated to wellness and fitness, with a selection of saunas, steam baths, a ladies-only spa, a cold water pool and a large outdoor whirlpool. The post-sauna relaxation rooms are equipped with comfortable loungers, water beds, infrared chairs and floating beds, for a truly unique sensorial experience.

An active and
regenerating vacation
and relaxation
The Gardena Spa

Our spacious spa offers many opportunities to relax, unwind and tap new energy in the most delightful manner, naturally reacquiring harmony and well-being. With specific treatments and massages using top-level products, our team of expert professionals will give your skin renewed brightness and turgor, and a fresh and relaxed appearance.

Our Gourmet Restaurant

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